Site Building

7.4. Creating a User Account for Drupal 8, 9, and 10


Create Vendor user accounts for Sweet Honey and Happy Farm vendors.

Site prerequisites

The Vendor role must exist on your site. See Section 7.3, “Creating a Role”.


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  1. In the Manage administrative menu, navigate to People (admin/people).
  2. Click Add user.

    Form for creating a new user account

  3. Fill in the form fields. See the table below.

    Field name Explanation Example value

    Email address

    A valid email address for the vendor. All emails from the system will be sent to this address. The email address is not made public.

    [email protected]


    A username for the vendor that they will use to sign in or author content items. Spaces are allowed; punctuation is not allowed except for periods, hyphens, apostrophes, and underscores.

    Sweet Honey


    A password the vendor will use to sign in to the site. You can see how safe the password is on the Password strength gauge. You also get tips on how to make it safer.

    (Make a secure password)

    Confirm password

    Type the same password to avoid any typing mistakes.

    (Repeat password)


    Set the status of the user account. Blocked users will not be able to sign in.



    Set the role of the user account.


    Notify user of new account

    Whether or not to send a notification to the vendor’s email address.



    Click Browse and select a picture to upload. Pay attention to size restrictions.

    Photo of the vendor

    Contact settings

    Enable or disable the display of a contact form for the account.


  4. Click Create new account. You will get a notification about the user account creation.

    New user account has been created

  5. Create a second Vendor account for Happy Farm by following the steps above.

Expand your understanding

Create a user account for yourself.

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