Site Building

9.1. Concept: Uses of Views for Drupal 8, 9, and 10

What is a view?

A view is a listing of content on a website. The core Views module handles the display of views, and the core Views UI module allows you to create and edit them in the administrative interface. When you define views, you are interested in taking data from your website and displaying it to the user.

What types of data can be displayed using views?

You can create views to output practically any content entity that is stored in the system. For example, you can create the following lists for the farmers market site:

  • Lists of vendors
  • Lists of recipes
  • Lists of the most recent content on the site
  • Lists of users on the site

What are the ways data can be output using views?

A listing created by a view can be in any of the following forms:

  • Table with sortable fields
  • Grid layouts
  • Teasers or pictures that link to articles
  • Blocks
  • JSON output
  • RSS feeds
  • Calendars
  • On-screen slideshows