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For this Wednesday, we continue the Calendars with Drupal 7 series by diving in to a variety of things. First we look at adding multi-day striping and a legend block to our calendars, then we move on to creating iCal feeds so that people can add our calendar to their own personal calendar applications. We wrap up this week by digging in to ways to customize the calendar display.

Striping and Legend Block iCal Feed

More likely than not, the reason you're visiting this website is to watch one of our awesome videos. You open the site in your browser or using one of our apps on your mobile device and sift through the hundreds of videos available until you find the one you want to watch. You click the "play" button and sit back and learn some Drupal. But what happens after you hit that play button, and how do all those bits and bytes get transferred from our servers to your screen? It's probably not something you actually think about or worry about too...

Our latest sprint, Cheerilee, brings about two new great features dedicated to our subscribers. We want to hear about what you'd like to see, and once we have the videos you're looking for we want to make it easier for you to find them, and walk through them in a logical order.

We're very excited to announce that we now have closed-captioning enabled on our videos. In addition to the help it provides for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, many learners find that they understand new concepts better if they can read what the instructor is saying, as well as hear it. This is especially true for those for whom English is not their native language. This is something we've been wanting to do for a long time, and our subscribers have asked for it, so we're happy to be able to provide it.

This release Wednesday sees us kicking off yet another new series! The Calendars with Drupal 7 series picks up after our Dates with Drupal 7 series and walks through everything you need to know about setting up, configuring and customizing the Calendar module.

We're starting off with the first three videos:

Today we have a new series that we're very excited about! Back in March we talked about a new community initiative called Learn Drupal, and the great plan they have to get more people contributing back to core by creating a ladder of lessons. I've personally started to have some meetups for this here in Copenhagen, and I made some time to create videos to go with the lessons.

This Wednesday we are wrapping up our Dates with Drupal 7 series. We take a look at some more ways of using dates with the Views module, by using Views to create a summary listing and creating a display of our content grouped by date. The last video in this series introduces the Context module and shows you how to use this with Date context to display one of two blocks, depending on the date for a given piece of content. Enjoy!

For today's releases we are continuing the Dates with Drupal 7 series by playing around more with using dates with Views, as well as turning our attention to having multiple dates in one field and setting up repeating dates on your content. We present:

More on Views Date filters Dates as Views Contextual filters

We've got a new series out today: Dates with Drupal 7! We may not be able to help you find that special someone, but we can help you navigate the world of dates and time in Drupal. This new series will cover all aspects of working with dates, from basic core configuration, to creating content types using the Date module, and seeing how this all works with Views.

Our latest feature release is brought to you by the pony Applejack, and it has some great new things that you all have been asking for, as well as fixing a few annoying bugs. The big news is that now you can add a series to your queue, instead of having to add each individual video in your queue and then try to keep them in the right order. As part of implementing that, we also added a few other nice touches too.

The last six videos in the Site Building With Drupal 7 Series are now available. These videos cover the final pieces you'll need to get your site ready for launch, and also includes a segment on upgrading and updating to keep it fresh: