Last updated July 4, 2017

What is a URL?

URL is the abbreviation for "Uniform Resource Locator", which is the page’s address on the web. It is the "name" by which a browser identifies a page to display. In the example "Visit us at", is the URL for the home page of your website. Users use URLs to locate content on the web.

What is a Path?

A path is the unique, last part of the URL for a specific function or piece of content. For example, for a page whose full URL is, the path is node/7.

Here are some examples of paths you might find in your site:

  • node/7
  • taxonomy/term/6
  • admin/content/comment
  • user/login
  • user/3

What is an Alias?

The core software has a feature called "URL Alias" that allows you to provide a more understandable name to the content. So, if you have an "About Us" page with the path node/7, you can set up an alias so that your visitors will see it as The core Path module, which supports URL aliasing, provides this functionality.