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6.13. Setting Up an Image Style for Drupal 8, 9, and 10


Add an image style and use it to display images on Vendor pages.

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  1. In the Manage administrative menu, navigate to Configuration > Media > Image styles (admin/config/media/image-styles).
  2. Click Add image style.
  3. Enter the name Extra medium (300x200)
  4. Click Create new style. The page Edit style Extra medium (300x200) appears.
  5. In the Effect table, select Scale and crop. Click Add.
  6. Fill in the fields as shown below.

    Field name Value





  7. Click Add effect. The image style is saved with the chosen effects.

    Add an image style

  8. In the Manage administrative menu, navigate to Structure > Content types (admin/structure/types).
  9. Click Manage display in the Operations dropdown for the Vendor content type. The Manage display page (admin/structure/types/manage/vendor/display) appears.
  10. Ensure that the secondary tab Default is selected.
  11. Click the gear wheel for the Main image field, to open the configuration options.
  12. Fill in the fields as shown below.

    Field name Explanation Example value

    Image style

    Which image style to use

    Extra medium (300x200)

    Link image to

    Page to visit if image is clicked


    Change field formatter settings of image field

  13. Click Update.
  14. Click Save. The new image style will be used while displaying Vendor content.
  15. Open a Vendor content item and verify that it now shows up with the scaled-down image. See Section 5.3, “Editing a Content Item” for information on how to locate an existing content item.
  16. Repeat steps 8-15 for the Recipe content type.

Additional resources community documentation page "Working with images"


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