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Movie Project: Analyze Site Performance for Drupal 7

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Configure basic settings which affect performance, and perform basic analysis to understand what might be affecting website performance.


Analyze your site's performance.


You will need the following knowledge and skills. If you need a review, check out the Additional resources section at the bottom of this page.

  1. Understand the areas of Drupal that can be configured for performance.
  2. Analyze the performance of a page request.
  3. Understand the software stack that can help address performance issues.


Configure system settings to improve performance within the admin system.

Display active queries using the Devel module to identify any slow queries.

Use the YSlow plugin in Chrome to analyze the performance of your website.


  • A wide range of factors can affect performance.
  • System settings should be systematically checked to see ensure performance is optimal.
  • Additional layers of caching such as Varnish and Nginx are often used to serve content.
  • Delivery of CSS and JavaScript can affect page rendering time and should also be analyzed.

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