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Movie Project: Alter a Node with a Custom Module for Drupal 7

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Create a custom module and alter the content on a node page using a hook and existing theme functions.


Add custom links to the Movie Review page using hook_node_view().


You will need the following knowledge and skills. If you need a review, check out the Additional resources section at the bottom of this page.

  1. How to create a custom module.
  2. Understand how to add custom content to the "Movie Review" page.
  3. How to use existing theme functions to create markup.


Create a custom module with info and module files.

Use hook_node_view to replace the default Genre taxonomy links with custom links on the Movie Review page. The URL format of the new links should be as follows: <a href="/reviews/{genre}”>{genre}</a>.

The links should be in an unordered list.

Both the links and list should be themed using existing Drupal functions.


  • We can alter markup within a node page by using the node_view hook.
  • Markup should be generated only by existing theme functions where possible.

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