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Movie Project: Add Form Data to Custom Database Tables for Drupal 7

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Add user data to the database from an existing form.


Save data from a form to a custom database table.


You will need the following knowledge and skills. If you need a review, check out the Additional resources section at the bottom of this page.

  1. Understand how to update user information in the database.
  2. Use database queries.
  3. Use default values in forms.


Create a function to save the user data which has been submitted in the altered user form.

Create a function to put the data into the new table created earlier.

Create functions to retrieve the data from the form.

Set the default values of the new fields.


  • hook_user_update can be used to manage additional functionality for a user object.
  • Break down functions to set and retrieve data, so they can be re-used.

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