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Movie Project: Create an Administration Form for Drupal 7

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Create an administration form to save information about how the movie importer works by using variables.


Create an administrative configuration form and use those values in variables with a custom module.


You will need the following knowledge and skills. If you need a review, check out the Additional resources section at the bottom of this page.

  1. Create administration forms to set variables within Drupal.
  2. Use variables where appropriate within custom modules.


Create a menu hook to load an administration form. The form should be in a new file that has the sole purpose of containing the definition of a configuration form.

Allow the user to set the API URL as a variable, which is then used with the request made to the API.

Create an update hook to set the default variable of the API URL.


  • Forms are often used to manage configuration settings for modules, and are often kept separate from the main functionality of a module.
  • Update hooks are used to manage changes in configuration.

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