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Movie Project: Configure URL Aliases and User Permissions for Drupal 7

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In this exercise you will create URL aliases for all content, and create user roles to allow logged-in users to create content.


Download, enable, and configure Pathauto module. Create a new user role for site contributors.


You will need the following knowledge and skills. If you need a review, check out the Additional resources section at the bottom of this page.

  1. Create URL alias patterns for content.
  2. Practice creating paths to all content items.
  3. Use the user management tools within Drupal.

Wireframe reference

You will need to refer to the wireframe collection PDF.


Install the Pathauto module.

Configure the URL patterns according to the wireframes.

Bulk update all previously created content.

Create a user role called Contributor that allows users with that role to add their own reviews and top ten lists.


  • Paths can be applied retrospectively to content.
  • The URL structure should be considered at the design stage.
  • Most security breaches are due to mismanaged user access settings.

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